Born in 1931 Kuei-Ying Chung, a Taiwanese native ( and Grand Mother of Ms. Fon ) has produced art for over fifty years. She has been teaching art to gifted students as a professor since 1970. Her works have been exhibited all over Asia at some of the most respected institutions, universities and museums. Her work is highly regarded by art scholars and collectors alike. Though she has chosen not to sell a single piece, she has exhibited multiple pieces in highly respected museums in Taiwan, China, Japan and South Korea. Mrs. Chung currently resides in a beautiful home over looking a lake in the pristine outskirts of Taipei, Taiwan.  We offer her our sincere thanks and profound respect for her hard work, guidance, support, inspiration and above all love.

影像贊助 - 鍾桂英女士

Cindy的祖母- 鍾桂英女士,台灣人,1931年生,從事藝術工作超過五十載。 1970年開始擔任大學藝術系教授,她的作品從未開放市場行銷,僅供收藏或展覽。目前她的畫作遍及台灣、中國、 日本及南韓許多知名機構、大學及美術館。長居台北碧潭湖畔,作品主題多為湖畔山水風光。本站特別感謝鍾桂英女士的支持及指導,並提供其精彩作品!