Born in Taipei Taiwan, Ms. Fon ( Cindy ) joined her immediate family in the United States when she was sixteen years old. Upon receiving her United States citizenship and graduating from Pope High School in Marietta Ga, Cindy enrolled in Georgia State University to pursue a degree as a Visual Artist. After over a decade working in top tier luxury boutiques as a top Sales Professional and Manager in the Buckhead area Cindy decided to put her talent and energy into her dream career, assisting people in finding their perfect home to create what matters most to her, family. Fluent in both English and her native language Mandarin, Cindy has an extensive network in the luxury world. From jewelry to real-estate and deep into the art world (specifically the Asian market), Cindy is able to pull together top tier talent from several necessary aspects of life to offer her clients the best of the best in properties, community and design.

出生台灣台北,16歲移民美國,Cindy伴隨亞特蘭大這個普級城市一路成為美國東南方最具國際潛值的新興市場。 1996年奧運會後,政府鼓勵企業移轉亞城,許多紐約和加州企業及資金轉進,使得亞特蘭大機場蟬聯數年全世界最繁忙的機場,亞城在金融服務、人口成長、生活及教育素質躍升為東南部重點城市。