Engel & Volkers Atlatna


Engel & Völkers is a global leader in the sale and leasing of premium residential property, commercial real estate, aviation and yachts. Founded in Hamburg, Germany in 1977 as a specialty boutique agency providing high-end real estate services to influential European investors, Engel & Völkers now operates 800 shops with over 10,000 Advisors in 39 countries.

Expanding our brand to a range of luxury categories, including yachting, aviation, capital, resorts and developments, and the launch of our polo school enable us as a company to reach a broader audience of affluent real estate clients.

The key to Engel & Völkers’ international success has always been to open and operate in markets where we know our clients want to be – the most desirable locations in the world. We’ve also established our shop concept as a successful part of this strategy, maintaining our consistent brand design globally so that we are easily recognizable and trusted by our international real estate clients. We designate our agents as “Advisors,” to better define the higher level of service they provide.

Still privately owned and operated by our founder and co-CEO Christian Völkers, the Engel & Völkers story is truly unique and reflects the vision and mission of a singular leader, with a focus on unparalleled service and passion for real estate.  The newest office, Engel & Völkers Atlanta, launched in 2017 with a 5,000 square foot flagship at Peachtree and 25th Streets.

Engel&Völkers是高端住宅,商業房地產,航空和遊艇銷售和租賃的全球領導者。 Engel&Völkers於1977年在德國漢堡成立,是一家為有影響力的歐洲投資者提供高端房地產服務的專業精品機構,目前在39個國家擁有800家店鋪,擁有10,000多名顧問。


Engel&Völkers在國際上取得成功的關鍵始終是在我們了解客戶希望成為的市場中開放和運營 - 這是世界上最理想的地點。我們還將我們的店鋪概念確立為該戰略的成功部分,在全球範圍內保持我們一貫的品牌設計,以便我們的國際房地產客戶能夠輕鬆識別和信任。我們將代理商指定為“顧問”,以更好地定義他們提供的更高級別的服務。

Engel&Völkers的故事仍然由我們的創始人兼聯合首席執行官ChristianVölkers私人擁有和運營,是一個真正獨特的故事,反映了一個獨特領導者的願景和使命,專注於無與倫比的服務和對房地產的熱情。最新的辦公室,Engel&Völkers Atlanta,於2017年推出,在Peachtree和25th Streets擁有5,000平方英尺的旗艦店。